We will provide the opportunity for free use of the internet service for confidential three-way videoconferencing: you (the manager, with the possibility of speaker rights transmission), client 1, client 2 - for acquaintance and communication of mates (dating agency), the job seeker and the employer (personnel agency), potential business partners (consulting agency). In this service the clients have no possibility to obtain contact information of each other, since you control the process. There is a possibility to record a video conference.

     Maximum number of participants is 25 people (paid service), access from any devices, the ability of collaborative work with documents and desktop, exchange of text messages and files. Conference may be recorded and then put on the server, so that those who could not attend could watch it. There is integration with Outlook. This service allows you to hold meetings, training sessions, brainstorming sessions and make presentations for customers. Conference participants do not need to pre-install software on their computers: the required modules will be set automatically when you log into the conference. After starting each user will have an open window of Web-based applications, which displays document shown by the speaker, participants' list, instant messaging window, panel with a display of webcams. In a web conference there are three different roles: owner, speaker and participants. Participants act in the conference primarily as passive spectators, although they have some opportunities for interactive communication. The participant can only ask to speak by giving a sign with the help of the "raised hand", inquire of the speaker the remote access to the document shown and participate in polls.

   It is enough to install program only on one computer – in the recruitment agency. Other participants will freely log in the conference through the Internet browser - simply by clicking on a link that they will receive via e-mail. Here is the program interface.














   The program allows you not only to send each other large files during a conversation or conference. It provides access to the computer screen of the organizer or any of the participants (according to their resolution), and the ability to open and edit any file jointly.



















  It is possible to show PowerPoint presentations and videos to other participants of the conference. There is also a chat, drawing board, which can be used by all participants. It is possible in any form, whether text or pictures, to show resume, licenses, supporting documents, etc.















The cost of instruction and consultation is 100 €.




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