We offers modern solution to automate the work of recruitment agencies group made on the basis of the developed software, which provides:

  • "KadroPlus" program enables you to record the closing vacancies, create an optimal selection of employees by criteria to work with many regions. Predict rating of specialties for the next periods in regions and firms.
  • The program is finalized to order and can be customized for different regions and hr-companies.
  • Convenient templates allow users to make their localization.
  • The solution can be delivered in the cloud or considered for use in the network or terminal access. DBMS–MSSQL 2008

"KadroPlus" offers several ways to automate the input of resume:
1st way - establishment of a new card of the job seeker and manual data input,
2nd way - automatic downloading of the resume from MS Word files.

    The program analyzes the content of each resume and extracts the key fields that will be needed for further work - the surname, name and patronymic of the job seeker, date or year of birth, address, phone number and e-mail of the job seeker. Resume in its original form is also attached to the card of the job seeker.

Basic features

Search for job seekers by the client request
Search can be set by formal criteria, such as name, surname and patronymic, age, profession. Another type of search is search by random words in the jobseeker's card, including the text of his resume and comments of recruiter.

By clicking the name of the column in the log there is performed ascending or descending sorting.
All the data from the logs of profiles and vacancies are exported to excel.
Adding and editing profiles (resume)
Required fields of the profile are highlighted in green and are marked with "*"



Log of applications from firms (vacancies)

Work with job seekers for the current vacancies also requires automation. Recruiter needs clear picture of what stage of selection each job seeker is being at this very moment, in particular, who conducted an interview, with whom the recruiter get in touch by phone, with whom an interview is scheduled only. This feature is directly supported. Each current vacancy is bound with list of job seekers being considered for the vacancy. One job seeker may be marked for the number of vacancies at once. Job seeker can be assigned to the conditional evaluation that allows to rank the job seekers according to the degree of selection probabilities. The program also shows facts of interviews and phone calls for each job seeker in tabular form.











From the application one may receive regulations on positions to calculate the vacancies. The log of vacancies shows the regulations - the planned number of people for the position and the number of open vacancies. For more information on the actual vacancies there is specified personnel, state, region, a sign of "intern", the date of admission.
To account for the hr-companies there is kept statistics on candidates.











Invitation to the interview (if available, specified in the field of the profile, the interview date and application).
Upon request we send the required documents of the job seeker.

Candidate personal record

The information after the selection is sent to the client, made an application for the vacancy. After the start of the internship the database reflects the sign "intern" and keeps record of interns and the turnover for each client. If the vacancy is closed, the client is out of the list.
Confirmation of the intern acceptance and vacancy closing is received from customers by mail.

Clients - Customers

The standard card of the customer specifies his basic requisites, besides it is possible to attach any number of documents (including MS Word) to the card.
For each client there is kept record of applications for the selection of experts, report on job vacancies for a period - the date of the vacancy opening - the number of interns - the date of the vacancy closing.

Documents submitted by the candidate

Documents are stored in the database in form of files, and their description is stored in a separate table "List of Documents". When specifying in the application the required documents from the list via mail the client is sent required documents.
The information collected is reflected in reports:

  • Certificate (report on the availability of basic data from employees (passport data and identification code));
  • Statistics on the dismissed employees in the context of subdivisions for the selected period;
  • Statistics by regions;
  • Data export;
  • Statistics for a period;
  • Report on vacancies;
  • Report on the candidates


Before using the program can be customized to the needs of a particular company, for example, standard directory of specialties may be changed. Also, any card can be extended by other fields of any type.

Report program generator

  • The company turnover report
  • Closing vacancies report
  • Report on the recruitment for the company (client) for a period
  • Report on the submitted resume for a period
  • Reports can be added according to customer demands

The cost of our services for delivery of service of using our software by a group of agencies is: the base price is € 1 000 and the cost of improvements on the customer's request. Our services for development of software cost 20 Euro/hour. For the period of the project kick-off we run a campaign and the cost of improvements for the first group of customers is 8 Euro/hour.

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