Laboratory of business analytics, artificial intelligence and decision support

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We have an experience in the development of a business data analytics report server for trading and manufacturing. And we want to offer our services to help your business achieve excellence in decision-making.
Our core competences:
• The work will be performed by professional software engineers with extensive experience and a lot of successful projects in the field of Databases, Accounting and Management systems, Solutions for Computer Networks and the Internet, Search Engines for Web, E-mail, Multimedia and other.
• One of the key areas of activity is the provision of services in the field of BI solutions implementation. We offer Business Process Analysis and Business Process Modeling, Business Process Automation in CRM and other corporate systems. Development of Analytical Reports and Dashboard applications.
Technologies we use:
• Databases: SQL and its dialects, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
• Web Development: PHP, JavaScript, Markup
• Desktop Development: VB.NET, VBA, Delphi
• BI Development: Microsoft Power BI, QlikView, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
• Business Process Analysis: BPMN 2.0, ARIS, IDEF0/SADT, DFD
• CRM: Salesforce, Dynamic CRM
Our experience:
• Database Design, Programming, Development and Implementation Client-Server Applications & Database systems using MSSQL , Oracle, PostgreSQL
• Installing, Upgrading and Configuring of Server and Databases
• Creating and using Stored Procedures, Views, and User Defined Functions
• Creating Sub-Queries and Joins for complex queries involving multiple tables Data Extraction, Transforming and Loading (ETL) using various tools such as SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Data Transformation Services (DTS)
• Developed user defined financial reports to provide on demand financial data analysis using SSRS
• Performed data conversions from flat files into a normalized database structure
• Developed numerous ad- hoc reports using SSRS for day to day financial reporting
• Written and executed complex T-SQL queries using SQL Server Management Studio for back end data validation testing
• Worked on SSIS and DTS Packages, DTS Import/Export for transferring data from Heterogeneous Database (Text format data) to SQL Server
• Data migration (import & export BCP) from Text to SQL Server
• Created interactive reports with SSRS, using the report parameters, query parameters, Filters and Expressions

Considering the expertise of our staff, competences and technologies we offer, the Scientific Park of NTU "KhPI" also may provide educational services (trainings and courses) in related IT fields, or organize conferences for knowledge transfer and networking in Analytical Data Processing, Data Warehousing, Business Process Analysis, and Software Engineering.
Our solutions for trading
We have developed the following analytical reports based on data from the automated procurement-trading-management-financial accounting IT system, we have developed the following analytical reports:
- for commodity experts: sales planning, product movements, pricing;
- for economists: planning of purchases, sales in terms of product groups and seasons, analysis of income and expenses of previous periods;
- for marketing specialists: analysis of promotions;
- for finance specialists: analysis of financial plan articles
- warehouse accounting: analysis of the depth of stocks and their cost.

Laboratory of business analytics, artificial intelligence and decision support

An example of the business data analytics solution for trading

Our solutions for manufacturing
We have developed the following analytical reports:
- analysis of the depth of stocks and their cost;
- receivables;
- accounts payable;
- calculation.
and other enterprise analytics.

Laboratory of business analytics, artificial intelligence and decision support

РAn example of the business data analytics solution for manufacturing

We offer the development and customization of the analytical storage and reporting server for the analysis of the financial, managerial, commodity, personnel, and other indicators, KPI calculation, services for planning, analysis, and optimization of business processes.

These tools should help your business reach the planned revenue and launch an efficient decision-making system.

The business intelligence systems were designed for the “OLKO” trading corporation, the manufacturer of plastic materials “Planet Plastic”, the European integration agency, and the analytical banking data warehouse for “Mercury” and “Dnister” banks.



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