We are very interested in business cooperation with European partners on provision of services for Ukrainian companies to promote their business in the EU market.
We can work together in the following directions:
1) searching new suppliers, goods and services;
2) collecting information on new markets and buyers (consumers);
3) arranging contacts of alleged Ukrainian and foreign partners (arrangement of business meetings);
4) searching Ukrainian companies interested in joint business with European partners;
5) management of works on modernization of manufacturing enterprises equipment: searching Ukrainian enterprises for the installation, commissioning, maintenance of installed equipment.
6) using modern means of online marketing for business effective presentation;
7) collection and verification of information on potential partners in Ukraine for the customer from the EU countries:

  • gathering a group of Ukrainian experts, coordination of candidates with you, examination of potential Ukrainian partner company to familiarize with the documents the customer is interested in;
  • photographic surveying and video recording at the enterprise, business communication with leading experts, obtaining information for the independent audit of the enterprise;
  • preparation of open presentation for the partners from the EU countries together with the Ukrainian company.

We provide information services and constantly update our database of companies wishing to enter the EU market and present them effectively in the Internet space:

1) marketing development of enterprises through the creation of multilingual business websites, landing pages, online stores to represent the goods and services in the EU market;
2) introduction of modern video communication, multimedia tools (video letters, video newspapers, video voicemail, video conferencing, live broadcasting, mobile applications, 3D video wall, video blog, automation of work in social networks).

We offer you the following WORK PLAN for our JOINT ACTIVITIES:

  • preliminary consultations and dissemination of information on projects and services;
  • assessment of enterprise readiness for export;
  • export plan development;
  • searching for foreign partners;
  • market research (competitors and customers, the sale of goods or services, the practical issues of doing business);
  • identifying opportunities and risks;
  • research of price structure and development trends in region;
  • necessary legal and technical requirements;
  • marketing plan development;
  • consultations on external economic activity;
  • preparation of goods for export;
  • consultations on pricing and sales terms, methods of payment, dispatch of goods, export operations financing;
  • execution of goods and services certificate of origin;
  • information services on development of marketing plan and identifying necessary activities of Internet marketing for business promotion and coordination with the customer;
  • development of advertising concept and practical implementation;
  • creation of multilingual business websites and introduction of the most modern means of business automation;
  • collecting and processing of information on goods and services of the customer enterprise for installation on site;
  • organization of the temporary management of the new company at the initial stage;
  • selection, lease and purchase of the necessary industrial and office premises, equipment, office equipment;

    Today it is very promising to attract German technologies, the German capital and German experts to the existing Ukrainian enterprises for their reorganization and reconstruction. Expenditures connected with production unit released in Ukraine in this case are much lower than in Germany. Return on investment is two to three years. We find reliable and promising companies in Ukraine for German investors in the form of funds and companies. This creates a counter flow of specialists from Ukraine with work experience in German companies.

     In close view, the business plan consists of three stages and looks as follows:
Stage 1. Involvement of German specialists, technologies and investments in the promising Ukrainian companies with mutual guarantees of property rights for both sides.
Stage 2. The establishment of regional training and consulting centers, where Ukrainian specialists, now working in Ukraine, will learn the German language and cultural traditions of Germany, adapt their professional skills to the new conditions, with the help and under the supervision of German trainers and consultants.
Stage 3. Visa support to Ukrainian specialists, who have successfully completed training, for dispatching to work in Germany and the EU countries for various periods.

Note: The centers are paid for training and prehabilitation either by specialists themselves, or by employers interested in them.

We look forward to collaboration proposals from all stakeholders.






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