Comprehensive program for recruitment agencies business promotion

For effective promotion of recruitment agency (RA) business it is necessary to apply a set of measures both of organizational and technical nature, addressing the strategic goals and objectives:

  • increasing the loyalty of existing customers to the RA;
  • increasing the agency brand awareness;
  • attracting the interest of new potential customers to the RA proposals on the market;
  • increasing the occupied services market segment;
  • business building optimal organization;
  • increasing the agency profit.

Competitive advantages of the RA will be the distinguishing of its services on the market, convenient service for job seekers and employers, which will increase the agency profit.
For this purpose it is necessary to have full staff and to build an effective team, to complement its activity by consulting and training services.
The strategic directions of the RA development are methods of direct and strategic marketing.

Direct marketing objectives are:

  • the expansion of the customer base and effective work with it;
  • regular work with existing customers to maintain loyalty;
  • identification of the most promising areas of business and potential customers in them;
  • the extension of agency services and their sale to existing customers.

To solve these problems it is necessary to search for attracting new customers:

  • to offer its services to the most promising business areas;
  • to take into account the needs of potential customers in its offerings on website and Internet resources;
  • to use in the work some campaigns, video presentations to attract the attention of potential customers;
  • to use in the work of agency the automation of HR-processes with modern means of online marketing for market monitoring, dissemination and collection of information.

To solve these problems it is necessary to introduce new ways of working in your business:

  • to use the most cost-effective services in your activities;
  • to take into account the trends of the market of similar services in other countries;
  • to identify new needs of the customers and to offer them new services.

Strategic marketing objectives are:

  • development of marketing and communication strategy of agency or a group of partners;
  • market expert image formation;
  • regular work with the website of agency for its renewal and promotion in the Internet;
  • to use in the work all the most popular employment websites for maximum contact with employers and candidates;
  • to participate in seminars, presentations and other events for recruitment activities;
  • to hold certification of agency services according to international standards.

To solve these problems it is required to promote the agency:

  • to use professional tools of Internet marketing for viewing your website by customers on any device (PCs, tablets, smartphones);
  • to use professional tools of internet marketing for the modern design of the website, integrated promotion of the website and achievement of top positions on key demands in various search systems;
  • to use contextual and image advertising on specialized websites and in specialized publications.

To solve these problems it is required to be engaged in the formation of a positive image of the agency:

  • organization of communication strategy of the agency;
  • market expert image formation;
  • regular work with the media;
  • regular issue of articles in the press and Internet publications, participation in social networks;
  • to obtain international certificates, professional awards;
  • to participate in regional and international professional associations;
  • to participate in all professional activities of the market.

Center of Information and Communication Technologies "Dialogue" has developed a comprehensive program and offers business promotion to group of recruitment agencies from different countries for joint business on mutually beneficial basis and for entry into a market with new possibilities, concerted actions, strategic plan as a recruitment company.

     At the first stage, we gather 2 groups of agencies:
1) agencies from Ukraine, Moldova, Baltic countries, Greece, Poland and other countries, where there is a sufficient number of job seekers looking for a job in western European countries;
2) agencies from Great Britain, France, Germany and other Western European countries, where there is a sufficient number of vacancies.

    We will familiarize all the participants of commercial structure with the automation capabilities of the recruiting activities and will offer our options, depending on the general wishes to establish an effective cooperation within the resulting commercial structure. Thus, we work together with agencies to organize virtual market of services for job seekers and employers.
When planning the work on mutually beneficial terms with new partners for rapid closing of vacancies, you are already able to increase your income by 1.5-2 times.
If you are interested in increasing the income of the agency by several times, then we go on.

      At the second stage by joint efforts there is developed a common strategy and tactics of work in the services market, business promotion, requirements to automation and to the corporate website. On the basis of agreement for joint promotion in the market of recruiting services concluded with you, we develop for you multi-language corporate website presenting the whole group of agencies, services for job seekers and employers, catalogue of vacancies and resumes.

avtomatizazia3We also offer an option of "cloud solutions" of HR-processes automation - the software for the formation of a common database of vacancies and resumes, which will be installed in conjunction with the corporate website on the provider's server.
All the work of agencies will be held in specialized software, automatizing many routine tasks in recruitment.

      We offer recruitment agencies our information services for creation of a database of vacancies with the processing of 55 Russian-speaking websites of Euro members (pan-European websites, websites of Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France, Monaco, Israel, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Baltic countries, Poland) and 5 websites of Ukraine, Moldova. For this purpose our specialists conduct regular search for vacancies, rewriting texts of vacancies, placing them on the corporate website.

jobYour task is to continue to be engaged in the sale of vacancies, our joint services to the job seeker or employer. You enter into contract with the job seekers and get payment for services from them.

Possible options for the presentation of these vacancies at the beginning of our joint activities:

corporate website of a group of agencies;

websites of partner agencies;

                                                     our website.

   In the future it is possible to organize the work on searching information in other languages attracting the needed personnel.


Functional capabilities of our software for the automation of recruitment agency activities

1. Full record keeping of job seekers and employers with keeping the history of all relations.
2. Import of resume from agreed templates.
3. Work with the candidates

  • forming a profile.
  • interview.
  • tracking the internship status at the customer's enterprise (divisional manager).
  • tracking the time the candidate spent in each of the statuses.
  • hiring or refusal.
  • probationary period.

4. Customizable access to the customer (manager) to view the candidates, which have reached a certain stage of the selection, through a corporate portal.

  • approval/turn-down of the candidate by the manager.
  • assessment of the candidate by the manager (group of assessing individuals) by customized forms of assessment.
  • automatic download of the testing results to E-Staff.

5. Storing the full history of work on each of the candidates, vacancies and customer:

  • interview.
  • phone contacts.
  • change in the candidate status.
  • reference checking, etc.

6. Sending a resume and standard messages by customizable templates.
7. Creation of vacancies log as per job seekers.
8. Obtaining reports on turnover, closing vacancies as per job seekers and their vacancies.
9. Possibility for several users to work online.

  • assignment of access privileges.
  • receiving information on the work of each recruiter.

10. Integration with UC.

    We offer you a workforce planning and recruitment system. You will be able to change the strategy of recruitment, specify the search parameters and the pattern of personal data for the qualitative selection of experts.

    We offer agencies before joint work to clean up their work computers: modernization, reinstallation of operating system to the license one and another. We enter into maintenance contract with you, and our Center undertakes to install the operating software, the antivirus program. We offer a regular remote maintenance by our experts of all operating computers connected to the corporate website and the recording program with a database to eliminate viruses in the system and for stable and comfortable work of the whole structure.

       avtomatizazia4After the conclusion of the contract for your support our Center takes charge of all the work on advertising of the commercial structure. Specialists on information technology, Internet marketing, translators, web designers are engaged in professional advertising.
After the completion of development of the website and automation program, personnel training, together with the agency staff we will enter all the information on the website and to the control program database. After that, the real work of the entire commercial structure begins. Our experts - administrators, programmers, will regularly maintain and support the entire system.
We are planning to gather in a general commercial structure 10-20 agencies that are willing and able to promote their business. Since we release employees of agencies from many routine operations, the vacancies closing rate is greatly increased. We offer to organize daily work of agencies, in 2 shifts. This will give an opportunity to attract many potential customers, reduce the cost of your services, since their cost value is reduced. Under these conditions, it is easy to close at least one vacancy per day. And given your professionalism and experience, we believe that this number is expected to be great. Our service allows this. Then count your profits and we invite you to cooperation.
What is happening in the market of recruiting services today?
Agencies that are consolidated and enter the market with qualitatively new services based on the use of advanced modern technologies are far ahead of their competitors and freeze them out of the market. Implementation of new technologies takes place in all spheres of our life, it is inevitable. Therefore, if you wish to work successfully in your own direction tomorrow, put your efforts in the development of your business today.






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