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To effectively promote the employment agency business in the recruitment market it is necessary to introduce the innovative solutions into its activities. It is above all questions of the organizational structure and the advantages of the service for the customer in relation to competitors.
IT infrastructure is extremely important for the workflow.

Our offers:

  • use of cloud-technology for teleworking of employees, offices and agencies;
  • use of internal information system (software "KadroPlus") for rapid search of candidates and the closing vacancies;
  • use of the Internet-service for interviews between employers and job seekers with the help of confidential video conferencing;
  • use of the recording of interview with the job seeker to provide the employers with video interview;
  • use of corporate website of a group of recruitment agencies, which brings together partners with common goals and represents on the market as a recruiting company.

   Many executives of recruitment agencies come to the conclusion that the old methods no longer work and new solutions are needed.
    For effective work of recruitment structure there is required direct, rather than a multi-level organizational structure. In this case, all remote structural units have equal opportunities and responsibilities to promptly solve customers' issues. If the agency dialogue with the employer occurs in 2-3 mediator, he is likely to leave to competitors.

    Our offer enables agencies to cooperate with different regions and countries on the basis of partner agreements. In connection with the possibility of integration with regional offices each employee of recruitment structure at a convenient time adds to the database resume, documents of candidates, vacancies and accompanies the candidate at the stage of appointing and conducting of the interview at the customer's company. This makes it possible to find a candidate for a position in any region, as the information is available to all partner network agencies. The customer divides payment for services between all the agencies that participated in the process.

   An important issue in business is the developed effective information policy for commercial structure. We offer ready-made IT solution for recruitment business automation. Our program "KadroPlus" is intended to maintain a record of candidates in recruitment agencies or companies. Today, it is used at the enterprises and developed to suit customer requirements and integrated with employment websites.

   The use of video interview of candidates is an advantage of agency over the competitors. The employer wants to get familiarized not only with the resume of the job seeker, but also to watch video interview to understand whether or not to call the candidate for interview.

   Sales planning is required for effective work of recruitment structure. These functions are assigned to the administrative staff. If the manager's salary is 1 000 Euro, he shall make sales for the quarter for amount of 17 500 Euro at least, and this requires a sales funnel for amount of about 37 500 Euro. Sales funnel is a list of vacancies from employers with planned payment of services for each vacancy. If the manager closes the vacancy for 10 employers, then there is a high probability that he will close 4-5 vacancies.

   One of the sources of getting job seekers is to create your own group in the social network. To do this you need to make an eye-filling design of a group and constantly maintain it with new interesting information to attract the right potential job seekers. It is better when this issue is solved by marketers.

    Recruiting structure for the presentation of its activities requires a corporate website. Using technologies SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for website promotion it is possible to receive one of the sources of new orders for the agencies.
These technologies work in the following way: users through search systems make requests by specific words and if the website content has these words, then there is given a link to the website. Links to the website from other websites increase quote of your website online.
With each passing year number of Internet users and users of Internet services becomes more and more. Job seekers and employers also belong to them. And there become more and more users searching through search systems for services of recruitment agencies.





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