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The list of specialist CVs according to the educational qualification degrees of Specialist and Master.

Lebenslauf (CV)

Arbeitserfahrung (work experience)
[Period from-to] Employer 3, Place
Position/Department (e.g. Trade Marketing, Support)
Main duties

[Period from-to] Employer 2, Place
Position/Department (e.g. Trade Marketing, Support)
Main duties

[Period from-to] Employer 1, Place
Position/Department (e.g. Trade Marketing, Support)
Main duties

Ausbildung (education)
[Period from-to] Course of study, Name of University/College, Place
Major fields of study
Qualification, grade

[Period from-to] Name of training profession, training company, place
Learning content/Main duties
Qualification, grade

[Period from-to] School, Place
Qualifications, grades

Computerkenntnisse (computer skills)
MS Office "Grundkenntnisse/gute Kenntnisse/sehr gute Kenntnisse"

Fremdsprachenkenntnisse (foreign language skills)
[Mother tongue] "Muttersprache"
German e.g. "mündlich: sehr gut, schriftlich: gut"

Weiterbildung (further training)
[Period from-to] Type of further training, institution, Place
Course content

Interessen (interests) Hobbies, sport, clubs

Engagement (involvement) for example, voluntary work, also
outside of university


This is where your own contact details (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number) are entered so that the information can be seen throughout the CV. This is particularly important when the CV is longer than one page.

Work experience
In Germany, work experience is usually written in reverse chronological order. This means that the last and thus most recent job is written first.
State your position, the respective department and the period in which you worked for the company, as well as the location of the company.
You should also list your main duties in two to three bullet points.
Recent graduates who have not yet gained much work experience can list internships and student jobs here as long as they relate to the application.

Education is also listed in reverse chronological order.
You can provide information on your studies, vocational training and school career here. State the title of the qualification you have achieved. If you have achieved an outstandingly good qualification, mention this and state your grade.

Computer skills and foreign language skills
The skills are divided into various levels:
Languages: basic skills, average level, good skills, very good skills, mother tongue. You should distinguish between your levels for speaking and writing.
Computer skills: basic skills, average level, good skills, very good skills.

The hobbies section functions to give recruitment staff a more personal insight into the applicant.
If you are interested in sport, avoid mentioning high-risk sports. However, team sports are welcomed.

In Germany, a date and signature are usually added to the end of a CV to show that it is up to date.





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