The task of recruitment agencies (RA) is to provide companies with highly qualified specialists who will ensure stable promotion of the company in the market. For this purpose, the RA needs to use in its work software built on effective methods of personnel selection.

     Automation of RA activity makes it possible to significantly reduce the time spent on the search for staff. In this case the work of customer service manager on receiving resumes, placement in the database, correspondence, vacancies publishing, resume search is performed by the software. Therefore, the agency managers can devote more time to interviews with clients, objectively assessing their capabilities in accordance with the requirements of the employer.
As of today, recruitment automation means are widely used in many countries. Many large RA and companies acquire automated recruitment system.
     In many small agencies, the main tools in their work are the telephone, Skype conference, e-mail, e-mail client. Work of the agency manager lies in constant checking and distribution of letters, resumes of job seekers, sometimes these messages are repeated. It is necessary to open each letter manually, read and make a decision and transfer to the right folder on the computer. After that it is necessary to answer all messages, chat via web conference, telephone and accordingly all the working time is spent on routine operations.
Accordingly, all processed resumes and vacancies are in folders or Excel files of the work computer, e-mail client, that does not allow to quickly find the information.

     While working, the manager can not always keep track of all the events on the vacancy, communication with the employer when offering the candidates, all the information on the conducted interviews, scheduled interviews, phone calls.
  Also, when the group of managers works in different offices there is no possibility to use a single database of information that is constantly changing. As a result, some part of the work information is lost, the best decisions are not always taken, which leads to loss of clients, vacancies and agency revenue.
avtomatizazia1When applying recruitment automation means, time spent on routine operations by the agency staff is multiply reduced. Modern software systems in automatic mode fulfill functions of vacancy advertising, search of job seekers, selection of resumes for vacancies by user's criteria. Thus, RA reduces time for vacancies closing, increases its income, saves money on extra work positions (employees, office equipment, premises).

     When applying automation means, RA receives the following opportunities for business development:


Automation of personnel workflow

  • The process of filling many documents (profiles, letters, etc.) is automated and errors resulting from monotonous work and operator tiredness are eliminated. Manager when working with job seekers uses templates of profiles, letters automatically sending them to e-mails according to certain criteria.
  • The agency arranges a common database of resumes, profiles, vacancies with the possibility of easy adjustment of information and its search by certain parameters, preserves the history of the interaction for all the contacts.
  • There is a possibility to fill the necessary information during the interview, communication with the employer.
  • There is a possibility for employees, partners to take advantage of using operational information from any computer.
  • In case of work of several offices or agencies, there is a possibility to import their base and form a common database suitable for search of resumes, vacancies by certain parameters.
  • To quickly select the best candidate for the vacancy from your own database or on the Internet.
  • There is a possibility to receive reports on various statistical data: positions, vacancies, periods of work.

Automation of placing vacancies on employment websites

  • Vacancy announcement on the website you need will be published and extended by the automation system keeping the database of responses from each website.
  • There is a possibility to process large amounts of information and publish vacancies on many employment websites.

Automation of the candidates selection process

  • The system automatically imports from the mailbox all resumes of job seekers when responding to the vacancy with the information recognition.
  • There is a possibility to search for resume of job seekers on several websites with a single search query and add it to the database.
  • There is a possibility to search for vacancies by specific parameters.
  • There is a possibility to quickly create a database of job seekers and vacancies.
  • There is a possibility to add resume of the right candidate to your own database from websites of job search and social networking by single operation.

avtomatizazia2As of today, implementation of automated control systems of the personnel selection process for RA is a competitive advantage and a desire to reduce the time costs, increase the productivity, more to a new level in business, make a quantum jump and sidestep rivals.
Today, in the market of HR-technologies there is a gradual transition from the traditional model of implementation of the software "packaged solutions" to cloud solutions (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS). This is a new perspective direction, offering consumer the mobility, flexibility (the ability to work with the database from any computer connected to the Internet, quickly change the number of jobs without installing software), which increases the efficiency of recruitment agencies and lowers the cost of their expenses.

ForresterResearch company dealing with new technologies market research predicts further development of cloud technologies and increase of their share on the market. According to FreeformDynamics, 75% of companies consider it expedient to apply SaaS in the business.




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