Information services for recruiting agencies business promotion by means of modern means of Internet marketing

1) Automation of recruiting agencies' activities
On pages of our website in partition "For employers" you can get acquainted with the software capabilities and our offers on automation for recruitment agencies group.
We will hold the presentation of the proposed software service and the agencies that will become interested in our offers will be given an opportunity to work with our "cloud" service.

Stages of automation introduction into your business.

1.1 The introduction of "cloud" software "KadroPlus" (setting in the "cloud" server, training users to work) into your business.
Cost of works: base price is 1 000 Euro plus cost of developments on the customer's request. The amount is divided into a group of agencies.

1.2 Creation of a database of vacancies and its rendering to you for work with job seekers on mutually beneficial contractual conditions:

  • search for vacancies on the 55 Russian-language websites of EU countries (pan-European websites, websites of Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France, Monaco, Israel, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Baltic countries, Poland) and 4 websites of Ukraine, Moldova;
  •  rewriting vacancy texts, setting them in the "cloud" software package and on the corporate website.

The cost of our information services shall be paid at the contract price after the closing vacancies and their payment by job seekers or employers.

1.3 Development of corporate multilingual website with a catalogue of vacancies and resumes, which will be updated and comply with operational database.
The cost of works depends on the customer's requirements in the specifications (number of website pages, languages, vacancies and resumes directory partitions, availability of multimedia and other requirements). More detailed description of the usual commercial website is given in partition "For employers" on the page "Business website".
The amount is divided into a group of agencies.

2) Information processing services.

  • Dissemination of advertising of your services on provided websites.
  • Publishing your vacancies on the Russian-language Internet resources.
  • Publishing your vacancies on various Internet resources of different countries with the involvement of translators.
  • Services of an active search for job seekers for your vacancies on the Russian-language Internet resources with the provision of the report in the form of advertisements of job seekers with contacts. Search for job seekers by your data, providing you with information and attracting them to your website.
  • Advertising your vacancies and the formation of jobseeker's documents set.
  • Creation of database of employees by occupations.
  • Search for new vacancies, employers.
  • Assistance with the organization of video conferencing with the help of translator.
  •  Placing your advertising of services and feedback of job seekers on YouTube (translation is possible).

3) Organization of stable free video conferencing (up to 12 participants) for permanent use (similar to Skype, but more opportunities). The cost of instruction and consultation is 50 €.

4) Confidential tripartite videoconference

5) Video and communication multimedia tools

6) Business websites start-up

The cost of services is negotiable and corresponds to the prices established by the market.
We offer a mutually beneficial cooperation to a group of recruitment agencies on the basis of joint activity agreement and the coseparation of the revenue earned. By combining our joint efforts, we are entering the market of recruitment services as a commercial structure with new opportunities and offers for job seekers and employers.
Our joint activities will lie in the fact that we provide a group of agencies with services for data processing and creation of vacancies database.
We invite all companies interested in developing their business on partnership and mutually beneficial conditions to join our offer for long-term cooperation.





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