Medical Information System

Medical information system, being a comprehensive solution, consisting of modules and options to these modules. Each module contains certain functionality that allows health facilities to automate some of its activities. Each option refers to one of the modules, and provides additional functionality, missing in the basic supply module.


Depending on the type of the health facilities (clinic or hospital) can be used ambulatory card or medical history of the patient electronically. The card contains the general personal data and operational information to be added upon receipt of complaints. Created archive of information is not relevant, you can view, print, but it could not be added or edited.
Medical history for the hospital - the first tab is filled in a sanitary inspection and at the time of reception, the remaining tabs are filled with daily inspection, and the selected information is saved in a statement.
Card for the clinic - analyzes, statements, additional data are stored in a database and you can select the card of patients to
view - this information can not be edited, but only issued for a viewing.

One of the main advantages of modern MIS is the automation of medical statistics and other forms of reporting. Medical information system gives users quick access to the reports of different types: administrative, financial, medical statistics, financial accounting. MIS provides the ability to create reports of any complexity using the builtin visual editor.
Medical information system includes a developed and flexible tool to support the reception schedules of doctors, diagnostic laboratories, places of group lessons.

Remote access.

Working with the reception schedule of the one or more remote health facilities (used for networks of health care
facilities). Call Accounting Module supports the registration and monitoring of incoming calls from patients.

Integration with the call-center.

Automation of interaction of medical information system and the call center (automatic opening of patient cards with incoming calls, speed dialing patient, etc.) Medical information system provides the accounting medical services and netting with various counterparties of medical institutions - insurance companies, establishments and patients.


Integration with the fiscal registrar for the implementation of the cashier's workplace.

Integration with accounting systems.

The ability to export documents and postings in accounting software company. Medical information system includes a aboratory module for the organization of the business process and laboratory work areas. The laboratory profiles with the ability to input or automate import of the research results from the analyzers are supported. Biomaterial sample taking.

The quality control.

Laboratory data immediately get into the medical history of the patient or into the patient's records. The MIS provides complete information support of warehouses of medicines and consumables. The personal accounting of expenses in health services is conducted.

Retail Pharmacy automation of pharmacy.

The planning and accounting ward and hospital beds for hospitals is provided in the medical system module.
There are various schemes of hospital rooms reservation. The treatment plan is a mechanism supporting the standard of care in unity and interaction with other modules of the medical information system and a convenient tool to make the work of a doctor easier. The specialized equipment systems and software provides, as a rule, the preparation and storage of medical images in the current conditions. However, the mechanisms for the organization of a structured repository of images, search, view and edit images is provided in the MIS for the convenience of doctors and patients. Functional studies with description
appear in the history of the disease and the patient's card. The needed information is reflected in the statement when you click "Generate statement". Medical information system provides the electronic health records exchange between the different institutions, directories synchronization and consolidation of financial information.
MIS supports national standards treatment with a common mechanism of work with treatment plans and
templates directory. The computer system of automated accounting integrates into one network the clinics and hospitals, resulting in the entire document to a single template. The data warehouse - a shared server, from which clinics, hospitals, doctors remote workstations can get the latest
information is being created.
The operations on remote computers (laptops) in off-line mode will be supported. Medical information system has integrated PACS solution. The module provides a preview images on the DICOM protocol and DICOM-connection equipment. As noted above, the advantage of this system is the ability to transfer data over the Internet. If necessary, the image data of X-ray, ultrasound, ECG, etc. research can be transferred
to the international standard DICOM.
The module METASCAN provides a connection of medical equipment and the organization of the import data from external sources using proprietary technology information exchange.
The using of HL7 International in MIS creates additional opportunities for integration with medical equipment and external applications.






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